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Again this really spoke to me!

I usually find myself trying to do everything perfect, and it’s overwhelming!

There are some things though that I would naturally not do as well on purpose… like cleaning the bathroom! While I’m glad on one side because other things are more important, it does annoy me sometimes that the bathroom isn’t ever clean enough for my standards. It’s a tricky balance 😂

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Great piece Lily. I used to be a perfectionist and strive to bring up my children ‘properly’. I guess the pressure from being a single mother got to me. I was quite hard on them and it was exhausting so much so that 6pm wine o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. It provided the relief I needed and allowed me to care ‘less’ about being the perfect mother.

I still have high standards and like to do things properly however I am less obsessed with perfection, especially since quitting drinking. Being so obsessed versus not caring was a weird juxtaposition of perfection and couldn’t care less which was the way I coped with the pressure.

I still care but am less preoccupied with doing it all to perfection. There is no such thing as perfect!

Love Substack. Thanks for introducing me to it. Love your articles. Thanks Lils xx

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