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I resonate with this a lot!

I have recently discovered Stoicism and trying to practice it.

As much as I love how I feel after yoga, it is definitely a discomfort training for me, since many poses are quite uncomfortable for me, and therefore I often find myself looking for excuses to skip my practice. What helps is if I remind myself of my purpose behind it, and also reframing it in a stoic way, like you described, that this is my mindset test, an opportunity to show myself that I can do it.

This is especially difficult to practice in situations with challenging people, and these are usually the situations where I tend to lose my “Stoic ambitions” 😂😅 but what hugely motivates me to become better at this is when I imagine myself always staying calm when someone is being provocative. This is a super useful life skill, that the majority of us don’t have, so mastering it would be a big achievement! This motivates quite a lot.

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I really resonate with this! And I find yoga’s brilliant for training your discomfort edge as you can control how far you dive in, and slowly build it up. Unlike life, which can sometimes chuck you straight in the deep end! Today I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone - by pitching an article to a magazine!!

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